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Aaron Summers

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At the moment, there are changing at our work at the moment which I have start to update for each software with licence to reflect the total numbers of users that is currently using so that it become much more clear of who has it and whether we have spare licences to give out to other staff to use it. It give us far more control and able to process where necessary to remove software from the laptop when the user have left the organisation.

However when I launch explorer to start the process of ticking each user (In Policy) and the bridge connectors between the software and user to change into "use" to show highlight in green. Please see below:


For close up view:


As you can see that there are at least 50 users if not more and I have to manually tick each user and then edit the bridge connectors to "use" to show highlight in green. See below:


There got to be a way to be able to click on a button to apply for all user to turn on in policy, or even better yet when I add user to the software, it automatically tick the user in policy?
About bridge connector, perhaps to have a button where I can click on it to edit and then click "Apply to all users"?

It would be make a huge difference for us considering the fact that we have over 50 different software (not all of them are licences), so this is just a start at the moment, hopefully I would have to do this process for each software in the next few months if the changes is possible.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Aaron Summers :ph34r:

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Hi @Aaron Summers

Is there a particular reason you want to have your users 'In Policy'?  Having something In Policy really was provided for key assets such as servers that would have a large impact if they stop working.  'In Policy' adds a few extra options such as a Timeline and it may also feed into things like change calendars.  The the filters for showing CIs that are either In Policy or not is really to help filter the view to just show the key assets that keep your infrastructure running.  



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Hello @James Ainsworth,

Yes I am aware of this and I am currently going through the users process and then move on to other assets such as server, laptops etc.
The reason I'm asking for this was to keep in check of who's active and that would help us a lot to do with leaver process so that we know who have which software so that we can retain the licence and so on.

Like you mentioned about:

12 hours ago, James Ainsworth said:

'In Policy' adds a few extra options such as a Timeline and it may also feed into things like change calendars.

It would help us a lot to actually track through any request so knowing there are correct asset/software for the user etc.
Because at the moment we have a big issue with leavers, sometime a user had left while ago and the process is completed in Hornbill and in AD. Only to find out that they have other software(s) (in policy) that we could have retain licence from and give it to a new starter.

Something like that but also able to confirm a report of each software with number of users are in policy so that we can monitor more accurate with licence against users to keep it under control without buying more licences unless necessary.

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Can we bulk update assets to be in Policy?

It would be beneficial for the Asset Timeline to be visible for all our Computer Assets, without a user having to go through all 3000+ of them in configuration manager to make it visible.

I also think the option should be that we should specify what is "In Policy" by default per Asset Type when they are created.





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