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Accessing Service Portal with SSO

Nick Brailsford

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We have just configured SSO for the different portals, all but the Service Portal behaves as expected and looks to adfs during the site launch.  The serivce portal goes to the login screen and we have to then click login at which point it goes off to ADFS to authenticate.  Should this not automatically sign in as the other portals?





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@Nick Brailsford could be several reasons but first, you need to enable the auto login for the service portal: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Customising_Self_Service

Auto Login - This toggle switch is only applicable if Single Sign-On (SSO) has been enabled. It determines whether or not a customer will always arrive at the main portal home page, or whether they are taken directly to the "My Services" page. If Auto-Login is set to "ON" and SSO is configured, the customer will be taken straight to the My Services page.

If enabling auto login does not resolve this or you have this enabled and this happens we can look at other options...

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