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Info Message on Select Site


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The Info Message has been really helpful on the Add Attachments and Asset forms.

Please could we also have an Info Message on the Select Site form? Customers are finding it difficult to search for their site, so it would be really handy if we could add some text to this to prompt them on how to search for their site.

We currently have 225 sites in our system and not all the results are filtering in the way the customer expects it to. For example, if we type in 'Headquarters' it only lists the first 5 results, but we have several Headquarters sites.

If we could customise the Select Site form, we could could then explain how to use the filter to find their site.

Many thanks,

@lokent @Gemma Morrison

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@Alisha as a workaround whilst we look into this, you can customise the existing labels / text on the sites progressive capture forms to help your users out

Below i have changed the default translation text for the label and also the prompt at the bottom - of course you could add whatever you like


For the Service Portal / My Services you can find the translation strings you can alter in the admin console > Service Manager > Translations 

On Page 26 of the results look in particular for 

* guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.pcapture.site.customer.title

* guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.pcapture.site.maxResults

These are the two i changed above as an example - Default value on the left and amended values on the right


There are of course translation strings for all the progressive capture forms, labels, text etc and you change them here - but do be aware doing this is global - so if you add the text it will appear everytime the Sites progressive capture form is used. 

We will of course look into Info Message option for the sites form and this option will allow you to customise the info message differently on each site form in each pc flow, but in the meantime i thought i would make you aware of this option if it could provide a temp solution to help your end users. 



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