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Asset Image vs Asset Class Image


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Hi @TSheward_SGW

8 hours ago, TSheward_SGW said:

would be helpful to have the option of toggling between asset images and their class image. 

We do provide a default image for the Class when first applied to a Type so that you don't have to provide your own image if you don't want to.  I would be interested to know more about the benefits to switching between images.  Would this be to easily identify all the assets of the same class within the Explorer?


8 hours ago, TSheward_SGW said:

we will be able to launch explorer view based on teams/departments/etc. in the future?

I don't have any currently planned changes for views based on teams/departments.  There may be rights to control access to the underlying CIs displayed in the Explorer which already exists for some of the CIs.  Could you expand on what you are trying to achieve? 



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