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Data Query - Get All Sites - only lists first 100 sites


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When using the Data Query - Get All Sites on a capture, it only lists the first 100 site names. Please could we have a full scrolling list of all our site names? On our list, it only scrolls down to 'H'.

I know that we can type in the box to filter site names, but for customers who prefer to scroll for their site, they may not be able to find it.

Many thanks,

@Gemma Morrison @lokent


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Hi @Alisha,

The way it works is is by design and is meant to work in all cases in a generic way. Increasing the amount of records delivered to the client will decrease the performance making it very slow. 

Because of that you will see paging all over the application and filters being used. Probably in a desktop application that would be possible, but in a web environment that is not possible.

Usually we would deliver a max of 30 records, sometimes even 50, but here is already too much (100).

So unfortunately we won't be able to make this change :-( .

Hope you understand.

Kind regards,


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