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Filter not applying??

Darren Rose

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In Service contracts, when you make a selection using the types or sub types, the filters on the right hand do not update with the numbers of the view. In my example below, we have 173 contracts, 7 of which expire in 30 days. When I apply the type and subtype filter, it still says that there are 7 contracts expiring in 30 days. Would it be possible for the number to update based on the types and subtypes selected? 





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Hi @Darren Rose,

At the moment the counters will only return based on the total amount, not using the filters. The idea is to give a first impression of the general totals.

But it does makes sense to do it based on the current filter. We'll have to look at that, it might not happen soon, but I'll add the change to our list.


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