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Have Custom Field available in the request list view


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Hi @David_Wilson

I do want to mention that we are working on a feature that will allow you to add custom fields as a custom column to a View.   This may be available by the end of November so keep your eyes out for this.

7 hours ago, David_Wilson said:

tried to map h_site instead and it still doesn't show?

Mapping h_site was recently added in the last week or so.  It might be that you are not on the latest update of Service Manager.



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Hi All

I thought I had a similar issue with mapping to h_site but then I saw Victors comments above :D its been a long day lol

However the text on the Wiki is perhaps a little misleading as it seems to indicate initially you can map only to a field with h_custom as the prefix, but then the follow on comment indicates below is a list of all fields that support field mapping (text below). :) 

To map a custom form answer to one of the supported database columns, the form field ID need to be set using the following format h_custom_a or appropriate column you would like to map to. The table below lists all the database columns that support field mapping and the type of content that they can hold.

Annotation 2020-02-18 193154.png

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