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Admin account with limited access

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I need to create a admin role that only has access to manage the users. This is to allow or EA's to manage the availability of the IT analyst with Service Manager, but without access any other areas of the admin.hornbill.com system. 

I have tried copying the standard admin role and removing the permissions except for those relating ti managing users, but the account I'm testing with still has the permissions to edit email templates and make changes to BPM's etc. i have also removed the database settings that relate to BPM etc but I don't want to mess with these too much as I don't know what some of them apply to. Can someone advise please?

are there any plans to add the ability to manage a users availability from with Service Manager? Thanks


Andy Hodkinson




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You don't need an "admin" role and the role you created contains too many rights... If you only need the role for user management if is sufficient to create a custom role like this:



System Rights:


Database Rights as needed.



4 hours ago, AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT said:

are there any plans to add the ability to manage a users availability from with Service Manager?

What exactly do you mean by "user availability"?

As a note, it looks to be there might be a misunderstanding on how Hornbill architecture works... Service Manager is not a "stand-alone" solution, is an application running on Hornbill Platform (example of other applications are Document Manager, Project Manager, etc.). Each instance also has a core application installed by default and which cannot be removed: Hornbill Collaboration and this runs alongside any other application customer chose to subscribe to. Users are part of the Hornbill Collaboration and will be available for all applications installed on the Hornbill Platform. The admin tool is the interface provided for managing these users.

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