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Updates to response & resolution timer when Priority amended


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We've noticed that when a ticket is updated and the priority is amended, the resolution and response target dates/times do not change. I think I have read something about this on the forum before but cannot locate it... Does anyone know if there are any plans to change this so that the timers do update??



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@Ria you can change the timers manually by changing the Service Level Agreement or the Service Level Target by clicking on the service level name.

In a Service Manager update in the coming weeks, we will be adding the option for the SL rules to be dynamically re-evaluated on a request when rule options are manually changed on a request i.e changes to the Priority, Site, Customer etc

If the evaluation of your configured rules requires a timer change then this will happen automatically on the request. 

This new feature will be set behind a system setting and you can choose to enable it once it is available in the coming weeks


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