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Dan Munns

Defect: Catalog Item Subscriptions

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Hi all, 

I have come across an issue with is now causing us quite a large problem.

When managing CI visibility the Exclude rule seems to over rule all Include rules causing people who are members of multiple groups unable to see anything at all. 


I have a service with 29 CIs. Each CI is set to be only visible to the relevant group, so lets say Projects CI has Project Authorisers as the group and Risk CI has Risk Authorisers as the group. 

I am a member of Project Authorisers and can see the Projects CI. 'A' is a member of Risk Authorisers and can see the Risk CI. 'B' is a member of both Project Authorisers and Risk Authorisers and cant see either. 

I assume that this is because both groups are in the Exclude list of the other. But it needs to take into account the fact that the user is in fact in the Include group. 

As this service went live this morning, with a number of authorisers being members of multiple groups, I need a way of resolving this ASAP without creating more services.


@Victor @Steven Boardman @anyone! 

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The defect described in this thread was resolved and the fix contained in Service Manager build 1392 which was released to live on November 29th.

Detail: Catalog item not visible to a Co-Worker when their team is excluded but the user is included.

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