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ESP Image Converter Tool failed


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Hello All,

I have configured LDAP import from Active Directory to Hornbill and we want to import the Photo's that we store in AD to Hornbill, however I am getting this error message;

[DEBUG] User Proflile Image Set: username
[DEBUG] DAV Upload URL: https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/instance/dav/session/username.png
[DEBUG] Profile Set Image URL: /session/username.png
[DEBUG] Profile Image Set XML <params><objectRef>urn:sys:user:edevos</objectRef><sourceImage>/session/username.png</sourceImage></params>
[ERROR] Unable to Update User Image: edevos Error: ESP Image Converter Tool failed

This is the same if I select JPG or PNG

Anyone got this working from Active Directory?



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