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Remedy Force Integration

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Hey @yelyah.nodrog

Just wondering how you've got on with your integration with Remedy?

We have stated to one of our customers that this is possible (they raise a ticket in their Remedy solution which then raises a ticket in our Hornbill Instance) and have just started looking at the Community forum for any 'gotchas', 'insights/inspiration'.


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Hi @Steven Cotterell,

We have 3 integration operations in iBridge for BMC RemedyForce: Create Incident; Create Service Request; Update Request.

For integrating back into Hornbill from RemedyForce, you will probably need to use Apex to write integration code (pretty much Java), and have triggers execute your code. It's doesn't look particularly straightforward though, so it would be interesting to see if anyone else in the community has already written any Apex code to speak to Hornbill :) 



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