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Hello Support,

related to my other request with filters. I have three new features where i think it would be very helpful for creating new services with the configuration manager.

1.  when you are creating dependencies there are to many clicks 4 in total. a drop down direct in the explorer would be helpful here.



2. when you link assets it would be nice if you can do it in the explorer view under details for example and if you can set the dependency here also, perfect. something like this for example.


3. Details should be customized by the user for example if I would like to see something else than ID and Name here.


What do You think?

Best regards




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  1. +1
  2. +1 - I think this is a great idea since we can see the hiearchy we should also be able to add to it (without having to move through different screens and having to refresh each time)
  3. +1 - i have a feeling that what's provided is basic functionality and that Hornbill has plans on improving this - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Good ideas! +3 from me!

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Guest Paul Alexander

+3 from me for this too.....after having spent a long time trying to get assets together, these additions would be a real improvement....



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