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Instance unavailable


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Same here!



Failed to initialize application Invalid session. Please establish a session first

Please contact you system administrator or try again



Could not connect to the Service

Please contact you system administrator or click here to try again


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@James Ainsworth

Status CheckInstance Health Check Fail

Test Time taken
Initial Connection 1ms 40ms 41ms
XMLMC Responder 1ms 35ms 36ms
Global Configuration 19ms 39ms 58ms
HTTP2MEM Gateway Ping 3ms 38ms 41ms
HTTP2FS Gateway Ping 2ms 37ms 39ms
XMLMC Session Bind 2ms 35ms 37ms
HTTP2SQL Gateway Ping 4ms 33ms 37ms
HTTP2SQL Database Ping 14ms 42ms 56ms
timeout 503ms
Re-Test Find out More
HTTP2SQL Database Query 503ms
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The issue you experienced has been resolved. It was caused by a sudden spike in usage of one of the infrastructure resources which created a bottleneck for all API requests sent from your instances to our servers. I do apologise for all the troubles this has caused. We are investigating what caused this.

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