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Linking directly into a Progressive Capture


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Guest Mohamed

@SJEaton @samwoo, thanks for that
Just to let you know that the required functionality is already present in the My Services area

With regards to having this feature in the Portals, I'll raise this with the team and see if we can progress it soon



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Nice @Mohamed! thanks for confirming.

Just so I understand as you mention about having a look at this feature for the Portals, is the plan to still support the Self Service Portal? or is that still being replaced by "My Services"? (unless i have gotten mixed up)

Regardless I am pleased that @SJEaton's request is available in My Services however I do not think our "basic" users can access this yet... am I correct?

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As we are an external support provided we would need the ability to link directly to PC in the Customer Portal.


My understanding from the Insight session is that Service Portal will be consumed into the My Services for basic users when the work is completed, but the Customer Portal will still stay separate as its own component.

@Gerry recent post (below) advising that the development on the migration of the Service Portal is taking longer than hoped and is still an experimental feature, so I think it is only enabled for certain users. Which is why the current Service and Customer Portals which share a code base is static in terms of development.



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