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Round Robin Assignments


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Good Afternoon All,

Does anyone know if it is possible to set up round robin so that tickets are logged to the certain team members only,  We need the 1st,2nd, and 3rd line support teams to see each others stack to collaborate and pass cases between each other whilst making sure my guys in 1st/2nd don't cherry pick emails that get raised via email ro the self service portal.

it seems a bit all or nothing i would like to ring fence the round robin to selected users



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Hi @J_Tamburrini i hope i understand the question

One option would be to check the Source of the request when it is raised and if it were say email or self service you could branch to a round robin assignment and have this assign randomly within your 1st line support team, or using the most available analyst option it would look at currently assigned request volumes in the 1st line team to make the assignment 

In my example i have a get request info node, followed by a decision node and one branch uses the custom expression to check if the source is email or self service, if it is i invoke a round robin to the 1st line Support team


Of course you could do other checks on things like catalog item, site etc and assign differently or have different processes for different catalog items in the services all teams support and need visibility of and have different assignment rules defined as needed in them.

Just some thoughts



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@J_Tamburrini, @Steven Boardman

We use the round robin assignment for our 1st. As Steve suggests, we have a decision node ahead of the auto assignment, which checks first of all if the source is selfserivce, if uses the 'Assign to Request Creator' to assign the request to the person who raised it. Then it checks to see that person is a member of 1st Tier (hard coded analyst list at the moment), if it is they get the request to finish of the 1st Response, else if not we then trigger the auto assign by round robin.

One thing to note is that is no one is set as available in the team, i.e. out of hours for call logged via the portal, we have a decision node which checks for request being assigned, if it is not we send an email to the service desk mailbox and insert a wait for Request Owner node before the first human activity.



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