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Feedback - status and visibility


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I'm developing some new services and am testing the feedback functionality currently. My understanding is that customers are only able to provide feedback on a ticket when the status is 'closed'. We want to introduce a delay between a ticket being 'resolved' and 'closed' to allow the customer to re-open the ticket if the same issue re-occurs. This will prevent the customer being able to provide feedback unless they then close down the ticket themselves via the portal. This much we can live with however... My understanding is that when a ticket is 'closed' it is no longer visible on the initial screen when an agent is raising a ticket and searching for that customer - so the agent won't be able to view their 'closed' tickets'. These tickets may have only been closed very recently so it would be good to see these in their recent history....

Any thoughts or ways around this would be appreciated :-)


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Hi @Ria

The challenge with showing closed tickets on a list, in particular the list in Progressive Capture when you select the customer is that this list will continue to grow as more requests are closed and will potentially become unmanageable.  Possibly showing closed requests that where closed within the last X days might be useful.

Regarding the feedback.  There are really two kinds of feedback that a customer can provide.  Using the "Update" option on an active request can be done at any point by a customer.  While this is not structured feedback, it does allow a customer to discuss and feedback information about the issue that they are having.



The other type of feedback is the Feedback feature which is more of a structured approach to asking how well they were looked after.  This can be configured under each Service where unique questions can be asked.  This is bit like buying something on-line and after your order has been delivered, you might be asked for some feedback on your entire experience.  This  Feedback has been designed to work like this and is only available only once the the request is closed.

Let us know if this helps or if you have some more questions about this.



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8 hours ago, Ria said:

We want to introduce a delay between a ticket being 'resolved' and 'closed' to allow the customer to re-open the ticket

There are options for this as well.  Having a two stage closure can work really well.  Once a resolution is available it seams reasonable that a customer needs to validate the resolution before it is closed.  Once a request is resolved the customer does have a prompt where they can say if the resolution worked or it didn't.  If they select that it worked, the request is closed.  If they select that the resolution didn't work, the request is re-opened.  You can even prevent a support person from closing the request before the customer has feedback.  In the BPM there is an operation for "Suspend and wait for customer update" and also options to lock out the resolution / closure action on a request so a support person can't close it down until after they have had an update from the customer.  

Is this the type of thing you are looking for?

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