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Custom Variable In Email Templates

Logan Graham

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Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help me, I am wanting to know if there is a way to create my own variable to import into a Global email template. 

By global template I mean I currently use 1 email template for all the different teams that use Hornbill in my business at the moment which works, however, there is 1 team that ends up taking most of the phone calls because it is their number at the bottom of the template.

I am wanting if possible to create my own phone number variable where if a certain team emails using the template it will put their number at the bottom of the email.

I would rather do this than have to what looks like creating templates for all the teams and then edit the BPM's to match. 

This is just the 1 thing I have but being able to create my own custom variables will help me out in the long run if I want to edit the template further.

Hopefully this makes sense let me know if not.



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Hi @Logan Graham whilst you can't create your own variables there are options.

 You can pull through variables from custom fields linked to different entities such as a request, customer, service or team.

In this example i would suggest trying the following

In the admin console under system > organisational data > organisation find each of your support teams.

In one of the attribute fields store the teams support phone number (example below)


Once you have these set up, go to your email template / s and inject the corresponding team attribute variable into the email template


When an email is now sent from either the business process, or from the email action item on the request, if the template which is sent includes this variable, it will look up the current team which owns the request and it will inject the phone number held in the referenced attribute field.


Hope that helps



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