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New Email View - ability to set email options - Priority & Sensitivity

Martyn Houghton

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+1 I had a need to configure a high priority email but was unable to do so from within the request.

In addition to @Martyn Houghton's request above

  1. If the email is set to "Important" then highlight this importance in the timeline of the request in the post related to this email
  2. If the email is set to "Sensitive" then hide the contents of the email in the timeline of the request, but have a button or hover action to "Unhide" the contents to the reader and hide it again when they've finished
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@samwoo - agree about the handling of emails both sent and received with the different settings. Perhaps Sensitive flagged emails should be  set to visibility level of the owner of the request?

Also the ability to set these email settings would need to be mirrored in the BPM nodes for sending emails.


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