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Removing Services (individual)


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Currently, when a new Contact is added to an Organisation, the assigned Services are cascaded to the new contact.
We have had a request from a customer, where they don't want ALL services available to this new person.
Is there any way that we are able to 'Restrict' what Services a new contact can have?
I was unable to find any previous threads regarding this matter.  Thank you. 

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@James Ainsworth, @Steven Boardman

We used to address this by using sites with organisations when we were on Support Works, as we could determine the level a portal user could have access to, so we could group the services into sites and still have some users with overall organisation access. 

As per my earlier post (below), this is a growing issue for us as we provide support to more complex/shared organisation and is one of the more significant product deficiencies since moving from Support Wiorks.



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