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Decision Node comparing description, not value.

Steve Giller

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The flow is 'DC Reprographics Request'
The first error was mentioned about 10:20 today - a few minutes after I applied the latest Service Manager update.
I adjusted the BP to compare both description and value and the error stopped.
There is no 'No Match' option on that node, as it's from a mandatory PC question which is a radio button so there can only be one of two possible answers.

I'll see if I can knock up a test flow shortly.

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@Miro, @Ehsan

Our instance has yet to update to Collaboration build 951, which I presume would normally be undertaken automatically as there is not an option in the Admin Tool to manually apply it.

How do I force the update to this as we are waiting on this to be applied before we proceed with Service Manager build 1364, due to the issue it fixes in progressive capture?



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@Martyn Houghton the fix regarding problems with branching over variables set by custom question checkbox list is already released  - Collaboration Core Build 952 (23-Oct-2018).

If you still have problem then it must be something different. Creating simple flow that I can use to replicate your problem would definitely speed up things.

Thank you,

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