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Set default Request Email Template via BPM


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Please can I request the ability to set the Default Request Email template via the BPM on the fly. If nothing specified in the BPM then use the default template defined against the Service.

Use case 1:  For a group of Applications that fall under the same service I have an Incident Catalog for users to request Password resets for one of these Applications and they each have different Password Criteria's. I would like to use different email templates for each of these Applications (without having to use snippets which do not have any html formatting capabilities)

Use case 2: Similar to above, I have a single Service Request Catalog for users to raise basic requests. I would like to use a different email template by default based on the Application they choose which can then allow me to hold different information within the Default email that we send to users. For example to Application 1 might have Super Users so I would like to provide their details. Application 2 might require users to log issues directly to the Supplier etc.



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