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Suspend - Wait for Request Email

Paul Alexander

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This SOUNDS like a silly question...but what does the 'suspend - wait for request email' option do?! I've tried adding it to a BPM and the process seems to suspend, but I can't get it to move on again regardless of whether I SEND an email from the ticket, or if I update the ticket FROM an email. 




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@Paul Alexander

We too are also confused by the exact items which trigger the different Suspend actions to be progress. It would be really useful for the wiki to be expanded to include a breakdown of each of the suspend node options and what triggers are determine for it to proceed in the BPM.

There are a number for different posts in the forum around getting the suspend node to work or how they can be used, so having a definitive and maintained documentation page on the Wiki would help a lot of us.



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@Martyn Houghton...I agree. 

The Wiki was the first place I looked but the 'suspend wait for request email' doesn't show in there as an option. I suppose that's part of the problem with having so many updates and improvements....but it would definitely help a lot if the documentation was kept up to date. 


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