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Special characters not allowed in email address field


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We have international customers which have for example umlaut dots on the a (ä) in their email address. This is perfectly valid, even domains can contain German/Swedish/Danish umlauts and other special characters. Hornbill does not accept this as valid email address however, which means you can't add that address or change any details of that customer. I wanted to add her phone number but can't save it.
We urgently need support for å, ä, ö, ü, æ and ø in email addresses and domains.
Ideally, please update regexp check to correspond with current rules.
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3 minutes ago, Daniel Dekel said:

@HHH I understand it now, the problem is in the contact details, correct? 

I will update our validation method.

Will be in our next build.

Thank you,


That's correct it's when I enter or try to change the contact's details. Thanks for quick response.

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