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Enhancement: Further changes to authorisation templates

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

I know that the old hardcoded templates have been changed recently, however I was hoping to change them further if possible. 

Could we not have the authorisation template (and any other old hardcoded templates) set within the BPM as we do with the others? 

The issue I have is that a couple of the teams using SM need the authorise / reject buttons removing from the email and just a link to make them actually open the task.

Otherwise I need a way of sending certain attachments from a request on the authorisation email for the recipients to open, view and approve. 

Quite urgent as this is now delaying a number of teams workflows from going live (and therefore delaying me starting other teams on boarding whilst I try and work out compromises)

@Victor @Steven Boardman if you have any ideas I would appreciate it.


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@Dan Munns i'll raise this and see what is involved 

One other thought i had which is configurable on a authorisation by authorisation node basis in each process is the option that if you make the reason Mandatory for each of the authorisation outcomes, then clicking on that outcome in the email will actually not accept the outcome, it will open up the task and require them to input a reason before they can commit the outcome.  In effect acting in the same way as not having the outcome buttons and only the task link in that email.  The compromise with this approach is that they will be required to submit a reason each time, is that a compromise you can promote whilst we look at what is involved in adding a selectable email template on the authorisation nodes?


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