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Hi, Sorry for the long post but I need some advice please.

We've recently amended a progressive capture to include a jump out to another new PC we recently built. This is working well and now we are trying to focus on the BPM to go without.

Here is the PC so you get an idea of what happens.


Because a service catalogue item can only point to one PC and BPM (which I totally understand) and we didn't want to set the new 'Access to colleagues mailbox' as a separate catalogue item for the time being (going to revisit it all when Facilities and HR come onboard soon) we are trying to amend the existing BPM to incorporate the fact that this new PC needs a more complicated BPM workflow behind it.  This is the BPM we are working on:


As we don't show the stages on the portal amending this for the moment isn't a problem.  We've tried to add a decision node at the start of the BPM after asking it to look at the Progressive Capture Answers (which I now notice we are unable to specify which form it's to look at?) and then do a custom expression which looks like this:


However it's not working and always defaults to the 'No Match' option.  In the past I would be able to check to make sure it's looking at the correct form but as that's not an option I'm a little confused.  It see the questions but I have to manually input the answers I expect.  Is this not working because it involves 2 PC's (however I'm basing it on the answers to the first node before it jumps out)?

I know the easy answer would be to separate it out however because HR and Facilities are interested in using the system and this is currently where people would request this sort of thing (we just need to refine the process) I want to wait and look at where it would be best to sit in the future.

Any help gratefully received :-)



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Guest Paul Alexander



Have you thought of, rather than looking at the PC questions, making it so that the answer to the question 'Which option do you require' is added to a custom field in the form? That way you can get the details of the ticket, and check that custom field in the BPM, and then branch off according to the answer?

It may be that this causes the same problem, but if you think that this isn't working because of having to look at the PC answers, then this may be a workaround for you.




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@Paul Alexander - thank you I can certainly look at this and see if it works as it would be a workaround yes. 

I haven't used the 'look at progressive capture answers' option before as we previously used a deprecated option which used to work.  Hopefully someone from Hornbill will be able to shed some light on what I'm doing wrong. :-)

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@Tina.Lapere could you check and confirm what you are branching on from the PCF custom form question - is it the answer value or display value

Below i have an example where the values are:



And the display values are

Connection Refused

Connection Dropping



If i use the display value it correctly matches one of the OR parameters and the bpm  goes the path i want it to.  If i used the value it does not and it always exits down the no match path. 


We have a change due in the next couple of service manager updates which will allow you to choose to evaluate the display value or the value but for now can you confirm you are using the display value to branch on?

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