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Service Subscription - Change Management

Martyn Houghton

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We would like to implement a Change Management workflow to manage our service subscriptions in Hornbill Service Manage itself. The idea being is that our internal project management team would raise requests for new services for a site to be taken in to 'Support' would raise a Change Request, which as part go the workflow process after authorisation would then automatically add the subscription to the selected organisation. To do this without manual intervention, would require a number of additional features.

Data Provider in Progressive capture to allow selection the below and capture into custom field.

  • External Organisation (ability to set filter by Industry {variable and manual})
  • Service (ability to set filter by Service Category {variable and manual})
  • Catalog (ability to set filter by Service {variable and manual})

BPM/iBridge Integration options

  • Add Service Subscription
  • Remove Service Subscription
  • Include/Exclude Catalog item


I sure there will so others automatons required, but the above are the primary ones, if we want to achieve an automated change management process with Service Manager to manage it's own service subscriptions.




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