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Explorer view not quite working...

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


We've been adding items to Config Manager and are trying to build up a 'picture' of what a Site looks like. 

So, we have a building site as an asset, linked to that should be a router network device, linked to the router should be one or more network switches, and linked to the switches should be one or more wireless access points.

Here is the explorer window when I expand the view starting from the Site end (note the links end at the PST-MS225-48P-SW1 asset):



However, if I do the same thing starting at the PST-MS225-48p-SW1 asset, and expand everything, I get this picture) note the additional PST-AP items):




Is this a known issue? Am I adding items incorrectly? Or is the explorer view just not working correctly? I'm not sure I've explained the problem very well, but if you need any more info, then let me know







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Hi @TSheward_SGW

There is a setting that can be changed to allow more or less levels.   I would only say that having too many levels can make it harder to view.  Lots of dragging the view around and zooming in and out.


You can also change the ''root node''.  If you want to stay with the default 3 levels, you can select a CI at any level and change it to be the root node to see everything connected below it.






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8 hours ago, TSheward_SGW said:

Being able to pop out the explorer view/details pane and/or make it full screen could aid visibility in general. 

While it isn't full screen, you can hide the details panel on the right hand side to give you more real state for the Explorer.  That along with using the Browser F11 to get rid of the browser tabs, you are almost there :)


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