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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I've been asked to enquire whether it's possible to switch on notifications (as in when a ticket is logged, reassigned or updated) to either a specific service or a specific support team only. 

The story is, we have a specific service which is supported by a specific team. Requests logged against this service are few and far between, and the supporting team ONLY need to log in to Hornbill if a request is raised for them. They want to know if we can turn on notifications for just these tickets so that they know that they have to log in to Hornbill. 

My understanding is that email notifications are set at a global level....and getting notification emails for all of the tickets that are assigned to all of the other analysts would really annoy those analysts who are logged in to Hornbill every day. 

So, my question is, can these notifications be switched on on a per Service, or per Supporting Team basis? I think I already know the answer....but thought I'd ask anyway!





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