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Double click to select 'Next'


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We have a quite a long category list, and this looks fine when logging a request via the Live Portal (screenshot below). The 'Next' button stays in one place no matter how many categories are expanded.

However, when logging a request via the Service Portal, the customer has to scroll quite a bit to get to the 'Next' button once the sub categories have been expanded. For example, when we expand 'ABC', a long list of applications appear, and the 'Next' button gets pushed further down the page.

Please may I request an enhancement whereby double clicking on a category will take us to the next screen within a progressive capture? Or have the window expand in the same way that it does on the Live Portal please (so that the 'Next' button doesn't move about)?

Many thanks,


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Hi Alisha,

I'll see what we can do with having the behaviour the same for both the customer and the support person.  This would most likely be done by having the scroll bar within the form.  Double clicks are not commonly used in web apps.  

There is also a way on each service to change the starting point for the categories.  This can be useful to review how many levels a user needs to click on before reaching the category that they want to select.


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