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I have a few questions regarding the request list columns (i.e. the customisable headings - Reference, Status, Summary etc).

1) Currently in Supportworks, we have a column called "Solution Text", which displays the first line of the most recent update. This is really useful for our analysts as they can see at a glance what the last update was. It also helps determine whether something is outstanding and needs to be actioned on a request. Having this, in addition to the colours on the request list and sub-statuses to show new updates, would be really helpful. Is there another field that displays this information, or is this something that could be easily added?

2) Our users in Service Manager (both full and basic) have been set up with handles in the format "FirstName LastName UserID" - e.g. Joe Bloggs 12345. The customer column displays customers in the format "FirstName LastName". We really need that ID part to be visible in the request list. I can't seem to see a field that says "User ID" in the available columns - is this something that could be added please?



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@Lauren thanks for the suggestions

1. I have asked if it is possible to add this as an option column in the list

2. This is a little more tricky so i would like to explore this here first.   Currently everything is written to the request timeline, this includes updates from the action bar (update, email, phone, resolution, customer change, connection added, asset added / removed etc etc) but it also includes system updates such as task / approval added, auto email sent from BPM, auto reassignments from bpm, updates from linked requests etc etc so some of this i feel would be less valuable to see in the request list as an update - did you have any thoughts on which updates you would  / would not want to include in this Last Updated column


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