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Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

After a recent audit, our QA process has been picked up as 'requires work'. 

To that end I was thinking of a scheduled task which uses a report to present me with a list of say 30 random tickets logged in the last 30 days, to run on the 1st of the month. 

Is this possible with the reporting system at the moment? And if so is there a SQL wizard (@Victor I am looking in your direction) who can lend a hand? 



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@Victor, yeah I have the SQL down to be fair (I think (I decided to try and smash a few of our widgets SQL together and see what happened)):

select * from h_itsm_requests where (h_datelogged >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 2 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND (h_datelogged < LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH)) ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 30

I was hoping for a way to present the data in a way I can just click into each ticket, have a quick look over it to make sure nothing is awry and then click into the next one. 

It is looking like at the moment I will have to create a scheduled task with the SQL query saved into the description and manually run it every month. 

Going to be a bit more work searching through all the reference numbers. 


Any time saving ideas? 

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Yeah, not really an option (although my first thought) I need it to be recorded and the requests need to be truly random so people cant accuse people of cherry picking.

Since you are skiving on holiday soon, any chance of passing this to someone? 

Also as a random thought popping into my head, could I utilise the APIs in anyway?

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3 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

could I utilise the APIs in anyway

There is a thought :) ... Of course, you can build a tool to run or mimic the query we need... or we can explore PowerBI...

Is not really a holiday per se (I remember you said I am not really allowed any :P), just some day off here and there to get some rest...

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