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Delay Auto-task: Business Process

William Ansah

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Is anyone aware of a way to delay the triggering of an auto-task within a business process?

In my business process there is an automated - task that triggers after the Human task has been completed, Is it possible to automatically wait for a certain period after the Human task is completed, for example 24 hours, and THEN trigger the auto-task?

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Guest Paul Alexander


You can add a suspend node and set the expiration to a certain period (remember that this period will follow your worktime calendar if you use one!) 




Then, add a decision node after that, and set one branch to be taken when the outcome of that node is 'expired'....and then carry on your BPM as normal:



It's what we use for our feedback settings...after 5 days of no activity we nudge the customer to leave us some feedback.



Hope that makes sense.....






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