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E-mail variable - Scheduled Change Date


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Hi all,

Is there an e-mail variable for the scheduled change date for change requests? I'd like to automatically send an e-mail to notify interested parties of when a change has been scheduled for.

If not, please could this be raised as an enhancement?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby thanks for your suggestion, this is not currently possible.  We do have a story for allowing the use of any entity email templates, so in this example, you would be able to define a change request (entity) email template which would expose the schedule dates etc and then use this from the business process email options.  

I have added you as an interested party, and as this is scheduled we will post back here with updates on it's progress. 

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  • 4 months later...

@dwalby this change has not progressed as yet i am afraid. In the meantime i can suggest a possible workaround.

In your business process you can use a Get Request Information node after the point at which the change is scheduled.  If you then follow this with an Update request > Custom Fields node, you can map the scheduled start and scheduled end dates (these will be available as variables from the variables picker) into two of the date / time custom fields on the request (say custom21 and custom22). You will then be able to include custom fields say 21 and 22 in your email template, as you can include custom fields, and these would carry the scheduled start and end dates of your change. 

I hope this gives you something to utilise in the meantime and of course once this is scheduled and progresses, we will post back here. 

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