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Progressive Capture - Form field options


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Hi All, 

I'd like to know if it's possible to have a form field within a progressive capture that looks at a list of Customers (AD users) so that it's possible to choose (search) the member of staff rather than have a single line text field where they have to type it in manually.

This would be helpful when managers are requesting amendments to accounts or requesting people have authorisation to things.

Is this possible at all?



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Guest Paul Alexander


We have requests where people need to reference another person (for copying roles and rights from one user account to another for instance) and having the ability to choose a user from a list rather than enter it manually would be very handy


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This does crop up regularly in various guises - fundamentally I believe the functionality of the Customer Search default form, but as a field rather than a complete form in itself.
Could be useful for the above, for logging calls on behalf of colleagues etc.

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@Tina.Lapere @Alisha @Paul Alexander @DeadMeatGF @Martyn Houghton @HGrigsby this topic does come up and as some of you have commented this does take different guises.

We have a story looking at connections visibility of requests on the portals and this is in scoping for a solution which provides enough functional capability but does not bypass the subscription model for Service Manager, as this is defined we will advise. 

We also have a separate story which will extend on the predefined list of data queries already available in progressive capture to include a user picker.  We will post back here once this progresses further

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