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Using asset details in captures


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We would like to be able to display questions/information based on the Asset linked in progressive captures.

For example, once the customer has linked their device (workstation or laptop), we then ask if their OS is Windows 7 or 10. Since this information is already available within the asset details, we'd like to be able to use that information, rather than asking the customer the same thing twice.

Please could I request this as an enhancement?

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha thanks for the request.

There are a few challenges with trying to offer this type of capability here. 

1. It is not currently possible to link multiple assets via progressive capture to a request - so we would not which asset's details to use for any decisions / branching in the progressive capture

2. As each Asset is based on an Asset Class, and Asset Type, each asset will have different attribute fields, and as such at design time and in the progressive capture custom expression builder how would you build a rule to evaluate an asset's attribute when we don't know what asset class / type the linked asset would be, and in turn which of the asset classes / types attribute to evaluate. 

Possible solutions would be to limit the selection f assets to only one and further filtering the class of assets so the user could only select from one class of asset, which in turn could possible present custom expression attributes at design time to the admin to set custom expressions based on the asset classes available attributes.

Before looking at these types of options, we would need to understand if limiting the selection of a single asset and the choice to only allowing the user to add an asset of a given class / type would be flexible enough here - happy to hear from others on their thoughts here or alternative suggestions?


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  1. If we could have the ability to choose a single asset per custom question but allow us to specify multiple custom questions for same or different types of Assets, when a user makes their selections we can branch on the results of these questions. This can be further extended into the BPM as well as you will be identify what these assets are. 
  2. But I also think there should be a primary Asset Field (h_primary_asset) against all requests and maybe Secondary and Tertiary Asset fields too (h_secondary_asset, h_tertiary_asset) so we can map to these if required and have other Assets simply linked to the requests as they do now.

A combination of both ideas above I think will do the trick. Let's see what other ideas are brought to the table.



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