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lee mcdermott

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Hi ,

I have just applied the latest update and a few analysts have complained about the new email template format.

Because most people select email and then select one of their Snippets - when selecting email it pre populates the message now with an email template, so if you select a snippet you have to then highlight and delete the pre populated template which makes it a bit more cumbersome to do.


Is there any way to change the template it uses by default? 

And if possible turn off the use of a default template?






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Hi @lee mcdermott 

The email template it uses is defined in the service against which the request is raised.  This can of course be changed in the service configuration 


You can of course remove all the content from the email template you are using and the text box will then be empty. 

The default template you are seeing now, is exactly the same email template which was being used before, you now just see it's content before sending. 

The idea behind the change was to allow your agents to view / and edit the content of the email (HTML Editor) before sending the email - previously they would just inserted their text / snippet and this would have been sent inside the default email template. 

Bear in mind the email template may include your signature etc

One other option you can enable is the ability for your agents to select which email template they wish to use when sending an email manually, by enabling a drop down list where the Request Message is currently hard fixed to that of the template defined against the service which the request was logged against. 


This may provide you with the ability to predefine your canned responses, using the email template editor and the more request related variables than what is available currently with the snippets - again by doing this it also allows the agents to fully view the full email content, edit if needed and then send.

More info available here on the wiki:  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Action_Item


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@Steven Boardman

Quick question, setting up the template but would like to add a variable where it will populate only the customers first name.

This is possible with a snippet, but don't seem to be able to find a variable for this on a email template.

Having {{.H_fk_user_name}} which gives Joe.Bloggs seems a bit impersonal I think.



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