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Sharing library with team no working

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I just saw a post by @samwoo that look like it might be the same or similar to the following issue I'm having.

I just published a word document in Document Manager, added it to a library, shared the library with a team.  I made sure a worker in the team was set up with library user and docadmin roles.  She couldn't find the document. 

However, when I shared the document (i.e. not via the library) with the same worker as an individual, she could find it but not download it. 


1st issue - am I missing a step in making documents available for teams to view?  sharing on an individual basis isn't practical.  Or should this go into knowledge base? i.e. am I using the wrong tool?

2nd issue - any idea why the worker got an error when trying to download the file?

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In the document list page, you should see a panel on the left-hand side which shows you which libraries a user has access too, this panel might be closed so you will need to click on the chevron to open the panel (as shown in the screenshot below).  You will then see a list of the libraries the users has access too in this panel, so you will be able to see if this user has access to the library from there.  Then by clicking on the library, you will see all the documents in that library in the main panel and then you can access them from there.


Not sure what the problem could be with downloading the document, you should be able to download it directly from the download link and if you have access to the document you should have access to download.  Do you get an error when clicking on the download link?  The file might not automatically be opened in Word so it could be being saved somewhere unexpected, which browser is being used.



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