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Reports: multiple COUNT and multiple GROUP BY?


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Do you know if it is possible to have multiple counts and multiple group by in reports?

The SQL I have is:

select h_fk_servicename, count(h_fk_servicename) as 'No. of Service', h_catalog, count(h_catalog) as 'No. of Catalog', h_category, count(h_category) as 'No. of Request Category'
from h_itsm_requests
where h_datelogged between '18-07-01' and '18-10-03'
and h_fk_team_name = 'Servicedesk UK'
and h_container_id = 68
group by h_fk_servicename, h_catalog, h_category
order by count(h_category) desc


and I'm trying to get it to run as a report, but you only seem to be able to choose one column to count and Group By:



Side Note: Working on a report that will let me see the Top 10 Request Categories, showing me the ServiceName, CatalogName and RequestCategory


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