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Mapping Simple List to Custom Field


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We are trying to find a way to map a simple list to a custom field, we have a bespoke list for Problem Priority's and want to display these in the description section of the request so that we can alter this via a drop-down list.

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Hi @Jeremy

Using the form designer on the request form or the view details form on the service > request configuration view, remembering the following:

* You will need form designer rights to access the form designer

* When editing the form, it is only the form for the request type (inc, SR etc) and for that specific Service - so if you wanted the same fields on request forms for multiple services you would need to apply this to the forms for each service you wanted to use it on.

1.  Add a Custom Field and choose say Drop Downimage.png

2. Click on the cog next to the new custom field and choose the Application and simple list you wish to use / or create a new list


Hope that helps


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