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Locking action bar completely


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I am currently experiencing problems with locking the action bar.

In the BPM I use the Access control -> Lock/Unlock actions node to force analysts to assign and prioritize a ticket before being able to work with or resolve it.

I set locks to yes as indicated in the image.

Action icons are then greyed but still usable as in the other image.

Is there a way to hard-lock or even remove the icons until they are unlocked?

Also action items greyed does not seem totally concistent with the lock controls node settings.


lock controls.jpg

Action bar.jpg

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Hi @HHH when locking action items these are greyed out and only then actionable by users who have specific roles.  If users do not have the roles they will not be able to perform the actions on the action bar:


Access Control

Use the Access Control to lock or unlock the Details section or the Actions on a request. Only users with the appropriate application right (update locked requests) will be able to modify the details or use an Action once locked. This right has been added to the following roles: Incident Management Full Access, Change Management Full Access, Problem Management Full Access, Release Management Full Access, Service Request Full Access, and Service Desk Admin.

Hope that helps


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