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No longer able to raise support requests with Hornbill

Guest Dave Stewart

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Guest Dave Stewart

Hi - appears our ability to raise incidents has been removed when logged into https://www.hornbill.com/support. Think this is because we haven't renewed our premium support. This was on my instruction to our procurement manager because I interpreted the support payment was for the included 10 hours of professional services which I felt we don't need. is this correct? Is the only way to raise incidents through the forum in which case? What happens when our instance stops working i.e. we have a major incident to report?

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Guest Paul Davis

Hi Dave,

If customers choose not to subscribe to an enhanced Hornbill Success Plan such as Premier Success, then they default onto Essential Success. This is centred around our Community Forums and is included in the basic subscription price. However, no defined service level are applied to issues reported here and although Hornbill developers and Customer Success make significant contributions to our Customer Forums, these are on an as-and-when basis. Critical availability issues relating to our Cloud infrastructure are covered in Essential Success and these will be picked up by the comprehensive monitoring tools used by our Cloud Team and worked on with the expected urgency around the clock on the rare occasions they occur.

It is, of course, possible though that a reported major incident might not be attributable to an issue with the Cloud infrastructure and instead might have a root cause relating to the platform or application software. The Premier Success Plan allows customers to raise these, and all types of incidents via our website, with the comfort of knowing these will be handled by a dedicated team and subject to published service levels for response and resolution. In addition to that, to help get more out of the solution, the Premier Success Plan also includes the additional Expert Services time which you mention. 

For further details of our Success Plans, please refer to the following wiki page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Success_Plans

Hope that helps. We will also be in touch directly about this shortly.

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