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User not importing after name change

Steve Giller

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2018/09/26 14:04:12 2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Buffer For Job: 1084 - Worker: 4 - User: a****.a*****
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Create User: a****.a*****
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] LDAP Attribute for Site Lookup: [streetAddress]
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Looking Up Site *************
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Found Site in Cache8
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Site Lookup found Id 8
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] password
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Auto Generated Password for: a****.a***** - LzKwuKYmcP
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [ERROR] Unable to Create User: The specified handle [A**** A*****] is already in use

Error above in import log - I can confirm that 'the specified handle' is not already in use - the user's old name appears as a user in System > Organisational Data > Users but the new name does not.
Any clues that I need to look for to track down where the issue is?

The user (under the new name) is being found on the scan of the OU

2018/09/26 13:00:01 [DEBUG] Write to DN Cache: CN=A**** A*****,OU=... ID:a****.a*****

I have 3 other 'Unable to Create User' errors, but these are 'User already exists with account status: active' and this is true for all three.

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Whoops... just saw the title of the topic.   So, yes a name change.

There is a setting api.xmlmc.uniqueUserHandle.enable which can be found in administration under System->Settings->Advanced Settings.  Setting this to False will allow duplicate Handles.  While it may not be an answer to why this is happening, it might provide a solution for you to move forward.



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That's enabled the creation - I'm still slightly confused as to why it considered the handle as a duplicate.
Which field is it comparing to check for duplicates? I can probably make sure that this does not clash after a name change if I know what to look out for.

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I'm guessing that because we leave the 'old' email intact the import is picking this up and matching on that value, and updating the existing account to have the new handle.
Then the new account cannot be created because of the matching handle.

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