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User not importing after name change

Steve Giller

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2018/09/26 14:04:12 2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Buffer For Job: 1084 - Worker: 4 - User: a****.a*****
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Create User: a****.a*****
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] LDAP Attribute for Site Lookup: [streetAddress]
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Looking Up Site *************
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Found Site in Cache8
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Site Lookup found Id 8
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] password
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [DEBUG] Auto Generated Password for: a****.a***** - LzKwuKYmcP
2018/09/26 13:04:12 [ERROR] Unable to Create User: The specified handle [A**** A*****] is already in use

Error above in import log - I can confirm that 'the specified handle' is not already in use - the user's old name appears as a user in System > Organisational Data > Users but the new name does not.
Any clues that I need to look for to track down where the issue is?

The user (under the new name) is being found on the scan of the OU

2018/09/26 13:00:01 [DEBUG] Write to DN Cache: CN=A**** A*****,OU=... ID:a****.a*****

I have 3 other 'Unable to Create User' errors, but these are 'User already exists with account status: active' and this is true for all three.

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Whoops... just saw the title of the topic.   So, yes a name change.

There is a setting api.xmlmc.uniqueUserHandle.enable which can be found in administration under System->Settings->Advanced Settings.  Setting this to False will allow duplicate Handles.  While it may not be an answer to why this is happening, it might provide a solution for you to move forward.



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