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Help with a progressive capture branches


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I have a PC that has ended up in a loop and now give me an error when I choose one of the branches.

It first asks whether they want to request Software or Hardware and then gives a form with a list of options for each.

The problem is that they may request software but also want some hardware or vice versa, I have one of the options working fine but not the other. 

If they select yes for hardware from the software form it is fine, it goes to the form if they say yes and to the final step, confirmation, if they don't.

The other way it fails at the final step and says the flow is poorly formed.  I think I know why - it has no where to get to the confirmation.  

Can someone help - I can't see how to do it


PC reasonable.PNG

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Guest Paul Alexander

How about, in the 'Workplace adjustment' node, making the 'Software or Hardware' option checkboxes. Then, in the first branch check to see if this field 'contains' Hardware.

If it does, then fill out the Hardware Adjustment form. Then check again to see if the 'Software or Hardware' option contains Software. 

If it does, then fill out the Software Adjustment form. 

Either way, always end up going to the Confirmation node. 

This is probably easier shown in a pic so.......does this work?! 


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi Helen

Have you DEFINITELY got the 'condition' to say that (whichever field) CONTAINS Hardware (or whatever the wording is in the checkboxes) (and not that it 'equals' Hardware)? 




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