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h_fixtime isn't what I expect it to be


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I'm trying to create a report using the h_itsm_requests.h_fixtime as a way of calculating how long it takes to resolve a incident

I created some test tickets and then resolved them same day, one day later, two days later, three days later and 4 days later.

I expected the h_fixtime to reflect the time in seconds it took to get the ticket resolved, but it seems to be off by a lot

For example,

I expected the below h_fixtime to be 574,303  instead of 131498:


I did also notice that the h_dateresolved time is behind by an hour. I would have resolved the ticket at 8:56:21 rather than 7:56:21

I've also checked the resolve timer start and stop and it appears to be okay in that it starts the timer and ends it when expected. I tested this by looking at the h_itsm_request_sla_targets table


The time here is correct.

but the h_target_completed_duration is confusing me

I can't understand how it is being calculated

kind regards,


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Hi @mojahidm

The calculations are complex and something that you may not be able to derive from looking at the tables.  The calculations include the Working Time Calendar (WTC) associated to the SLA running against the request.  Only if a WTC is set to be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week will the calculations seem a bit more aligned.  For each calculation, the hours of support are being included.  So, if the WTC is set to 9-5, Mon-Friday, the timers only calculate time that has elapsed within this defined WTC.  The timers would not run on weekends or between 5pm and 9 am.  


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Hi @mojahidm

I would be interested to know if you have particular reports that you are looking for.  One thing we are working on is an area of reporting that we call In-app Reporting.  Over time we will be looking to add more reports to this.  Currently, I think that there are only a handful.  There is a Requests Average Fix Time report, however it doesn't have an option for picking out a single incident.  These reports can be filtered, printed, delivered to Document Manager.  Lots more to add to this and hopefully you will see some progress over the coming months.

You can look at the feature by enabling the  following experimental setting


You then need to add yourself to the Service Manager In-app Reporting Role


You will then see a menu option to access this under Service Manager



You are presented with this...


Looking forward to your feedback.



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