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BPM node set status does not allow on hold


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When creating a new BPM I use the Automated ATsk node to set status and sub status for a certain type of ticket. However the node does not allow me to set status to "on hold"

When I set the sub status (which is an on hold) substatus and leave the status field to Auto, the BPM crashes.



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@HHH in the place on hold option it does require either the On Hold Period or the On Hold Until fields to carry a value / variable - in these cases it then functions as expected.

If you don't want to put this on hold for a time / period then using the update status option is the correct one.

I have just tested the update status option and have the On Hold option available and also selected a sub status


This correctly put my request on hold for an undefined period.


Are you on the latest build of service manager?



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@HHH - most likely reason why you don't see the "On Hold" status in the list when configuring the node is that the simple list, used to populate the values there, does not have this value... Please have a look at the simple list to see if the value is there and if not add it. Then try again in the node configuration.



P.S. - The "correct" way to do this would be to use the "Place On Hold" dedicated node as the list had the value removed for this reason. You can add it in the interim to have your node working but is a temporary solution.

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