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Hello Support,

Is it possible to see all Service Requests? I ask because i would like to assign a task from a service request to a new member.

I m not the Owner and also not a member of the group. But i have full access to Hornbill and if it helps i can log in with the system account.

thanks and best regards


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Hi @Nikolaj the visibility of the requests is governed by the supporting teams defined for the service which the request is logged against. 

There are a couple of options.

1. If it is a one off, you could get someone who is in a supporting team who can see the request, to add you as a member to the request, and assuming you have the system roles and rights to manage service requests you would then be able to view and action on this one request.

2. If you wanted this visibility more generally, i would suggest creating a team and assign this team as a supporting team to all services.  In order for this new team members not to be visible in assignment drop downs etc and really only used to provide visibility you could set your membership of the team, or any other member of that team to Disable Assignment this would stop anyone being able to assign request to you but would allow you to view all requests for all services in the request list, in searches etc and be able to action them (depending on your roles)


Hope that helps


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