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Columns in customer portal request list


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We do have a change that will allow you to select the visible columns that are displayed on the customer portal, but this is not available yet.

What is available is an option to provide a different label to display to the customer.  For an open request you may have In Progress  as your standard for what the customer sees, while the Service Manager users will see something more specific.  Personally, I think that removing the sub-status column would leave the customer wondering Why is it on hold?  Rather than giving away the details of why something is on hold, you can provide something friendly to put them at ease.     


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@James Ainsworth, @HHH

As James mentions we use the Sub Status to inform the customer why it is at a certain status, i.e. 'Awaiting Customer Response', 'Pending with Development', 'Pending with 3rd Party' etc.

I beleive the change in the backlog that James is referring too is the ability to add further columns to the request list to include Service Level and Response/Resolution information, so that they can use the experimental export option so that customers can selfserve if they want to undertake SLA monitoring reporting on their organisation's requests.

When I find the post, I will add the link.

So in summary, as long as it can be configurable to enabled and disable columns, that should work for us all.



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