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Replying to emails brings up random templates


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Hi @chriscorcoran

There are a couple of things here, both are covered on the wiki here:


* In terms of the default mailbox, this will be set using the default mailbox set against the service which the request has been logged against. Assuming a analyst has access to more than one shared mailbox, a drop down option will show itself but will use the shared mailbox set in the Service config.


* In terms of the template which is used since the last Service Manager update, this will not have changed but will now display the template content to the agent, rather than just inserting the content of the 'Message' into the email template on sending.

You can edit the email template which is used, and again this will reference the template you have configured for the service and request type of the request:


By default all requests for all services use the RequestMessage template, and if you haven't changed this, you can simply edit this email template in the admin console to make any changes you require.   

The main one you will want to do it remove the Message variable which is now displayed, as this use to be the text which was entered in the email text box and inserted into the email template before sending, now your agents simply type and see what they are composing before they send it, so no need for the message variable.

Hope this helps




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