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populate the TO: field in emails based on connection type


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Would anyone else support the idea of a type of connection that defaults to being included in 'emails' i.e. would populate the TO: or BCC: fields.

This would accommodate the desire to cc an account manager, or PA, or other interested party when notifying the main customer.

I'm aware it's easy to add to the TO: field based on connection type, just have to remember to do it!

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I will be interested to hear what others have to say.  We have had a similar request before and some people within that discussion had the concern that you may forget to remove a connection from an email that you didn't want to send to them.  You can always send another email if they were left out, but you can't take the e-mail back after it has been sent.

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@James Ainsworth that's fair, but if you click on the email tab within the request, and they populate the to: field, and you click send without realising, then there's not much the system can do to avoid that :-)

Also, if it's only a given connection type, if instance owners have an issue with how that works they can use a different connection type.

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